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Google Advertising gives you the ability to show ads for specific search queries in select locations, target visitors to specific websites or track predefined customer actions to deliver highly personalised, relevant and affordable ads to new prospects and current clients.

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Adwords Training

Our Google Adwords training by Google Hangout, Skype or in person, provides sound advice with tried and tested methods that drive traffic, boost conversions and increase sales.

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Google Search Ads

Adwords campaigns are the most targeted and relevant means to advertise your business and provides unprecedented levels of control over your spend and reach.

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Google Remarketing

Adwords Remarketing compiles lists of visitors to your site based on specific page views or actions and then advertises your business to them while they surf the web.

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Google Ads Consulting

Google ads require an ongoing optimisation process to increase your click through rates, reduce ad click costs and improve relevancy to keep you a step ahead of your competition and make every click count.

Our Google Adwords consultants provide monthly reporting on how your Search, Remarketing, Display and Video campaigns are performing and evaluates your return on investment using goal conversion tracking of calls from ads, clicks on your business location, form submissions, contact us views as well as click to email or calls from your website. We also provide vital ad details like clicks, impressions, click-through rates, ad position, average cost per click, cost and view-through conversions to identify the best performing ads.

Having the best landing pages and sales funnels within your website is also an important aspect of quality score and high conversion rates that requires analysis, testing and implementation and we can provide Adwords consulting and recommendations on this for you.

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Google Ads Training

Running your own Adwords campaigns can be challenging and if it’s not set up correctly you could be spending a lot more money than you need to. With the right advice and campaign design based on a clear keyword strategy, we can help you target customers in specific locations with tightly controlled search term lists.

With our Google Adwords training you can ask questions, get advice and screenshare to see how it’s done. Training can be by phone, online or face to face and our experienced trainers can teach you how to maintain your account, add negative keywords, split test ads and make decisions about ad and keyword relevancy.

We will step you through conversion tracking on your website for form submissions, product purchases, click to call/email and event tracking, using your Google Maps location in ads, how to extend your campaigns with ad extensions and using telephone tracking to show a clear return on your marketing spend.

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Google Search Ads

google search ads
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Google Search ads give you the ability to target searches for specific keyword phrases and trigger highly personalised and engaging ads to attract customers at the exact time they are searching for your products or services. Search Ads are designed to drive sales, get leads, increase website visits, influence consideration and build awareness and gives you unprecedented control to change your strategy, adjust your budget, pause ads or create additional campaigns on-the-fly.

Search Ads give you full control over your marketing message and can include your address and phone number, links to specific webpages and call to action snippets to help engage customers. Ads are highly customizable and can be targeted to the exact location of your customer-base, be shown on specific device types, scheduled for certain days or time of day and further refined by Audience intent to help you reach high-value customers when they are ready to buy.

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Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing is a cost-effective and highly customised way to market to visitors who have previously visited your website either directly, organically, from a referral website, Google Adwords campaign or via a customer email list. It then delivers banners, Search Ads or YouTube videos through Google websites and its search partners to remind customers of your product or service, keep your brand top of mind and encourage them to revisit your website.

The key is creating highly targeted audience groups that may have visited one or more key pages on your site, added products to your shopping cart, or not completed a transaction through your site. We can then customise the advertising message to be product specific, more general brand awareness or by offering a discount code to encourage visitors to complete their abandoned shopping cart purchase.

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Google Display Ads

Google Display advertising is designed to promote your business using custom designed banner ads or rich media ads with text, animations or images in a variety of shapes and sizes from long skyscraper banners to leaderboards above the fold, square and rectangular boxes or traditional half page advertisements. These are then displayed when potential or qualified customers are browsing the internet, viewing their Gmail account, using their mobile phones, apps or watching YouTube movies.

Not only can we select where your ads are displayed on a per-website or app basis, but can also connect with people that are currently searching for your service or have shown an interest in certain topics, have a specific gender, age, parental status or income and then further to this, target by location. This makes it easy to fine tune your message and ensure it gets in front of the right audience to promote your brand, increase product awareness and achieve higher quality leads.

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YouTube Ads

YouTube advertising is a powerful way to bring your story, brand or products to life and interact with customers to build awareness, create interest, share with their community and drive sales.

With video content, we can run targeted Video ads in YouTube search results or as a ‘video watch’ on a movie page. 30sec videos can be featured as a skippable ad at the beginning of a movie and 15sec teaser ads can be setup as non-skippable ads for increased viewing during a movie.

Alternatively, if you don’t have video content but want to advertise to YouTube viewers, there are the options of In-Video Overlay banner ads to feature while movies are playing, or based on visitors past interactions with your videos or YouTube Channel we can run remarketing campaigns to advertise to these visitors.

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