Website Design

A website design with intuitive user experience, simple navigation and easy conversion process can be the difference between online business success or failure. It also needs to have local domain registration, be mobile responsive, hosted on a robust all-in-one CMS with reliable Amazon hosting and feature email marketing connectivity.

responsive web design

Responsive Web Design

A 'mobile first' website design is imperative to ensure that customers can easily view your content in full and quickly, with simple navigation and cross-platform functionality.

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treepl cms


Fully integrated and secure Content Management System (SaaS) hosted at Amazon Sydney Data Centre with monthly system upgrades and improvements.

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web hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting features a built-in, fully responsive admin with CRM, blogs, galleries, webforms and email marketing integration plus event bookings, secure zones & ecommerce.

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Responsive Web Design

As more than half of all searches are now made on mobile devices, it makes sense for Google to reward websites with better rankings if they provide a faster, more user-friendly mobile experience than their competitors. Responsive web designs will automatically 'respond' and 'resize' to the screen size they are viewed on, meaning you have just one cross-platform website for all devices.

If your website is not “mobile friendly” (responsive) Google will still crawl your site but this can impact your rankings, especially when customers are searching on mobile devices. So, for websites that are static desktop-only designs, now is the time to have your site re-wrapped in a responsive template to help ensure you are not left behind in the search engine rankings.

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Treepl CMS

Treepl CMS is a fully integrated, secure and fully hosted Content Management System on Amazon Web Servers featuring dynamic modules, a built-in CRM (customer relationship management), email hosting and email marketing integration with the option to upgrade plans to include secure zones, payable events or sell unlimited products from a shopping cart.

Each Treepl CMS hosting plan covers your software user-licence, CMS features and ongoing upgrades and improvements which are seamless and continual so over time, your website appreciates in value, future-proofing your online business. The Treepl CMS is an all in one system which saves time and gives you more control of your online business.

If you already have a website, we can migrate your site into Treepl CMS so you can start utilising all the built-in features that Treepl CMS has to offer. Then, you can make updates and changes to the website yourself in the nICE editor in-browser or using a WYSIWYG and HTML editor. Or we can make any updates or changes you require in-house.

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Website Hosting

Treepl CMS is a fully integrated, securely hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CMS solution. Depending on the Treepl hosting plan and options you choose, it can feature a built-in CRM (customer relationship management), MailChimp integration, event bookings, reporting, ecommerce and a fully responsive Content Management System (CMS) so you can update your website yourself.

Treepl CMS is designed to grow with your business so you can start on one plan and upgrade or add optional extras in future if required. Web hosting plans cover your software user-license, CMS features and ongoing upgrades and improvements which are free, seamless and continual, so that your website will appreciate in value over time.

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Domain Registration

Domain Name selection is an important first step when setting up your brand so not only can we take care of the domain registration for you but we can also guide you on best practises for your domain name selection. We can purchase one year licences for .com, or two year licenses for and other Top Level Domain’s (TLD’s) through our fully accredited Australian domain registrar.

Once purchased we supply you with the license certificate and all your ownership access details, plus we will organise the delegation (pointer) to your new website and email accounts. Then to make it even easier, we organise renewal of your domain name and invoice you directly when this is due to expire so you can ignore any spam emails you receive in relation to domain renewals for good!

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Email Hosting

Email Hosting is provided through Open SRS and integrated into your Treepl website so it is easily managed within your admin console. All mailboxes include 5GB of storage (with additional storage available if required) and the email filtering options ensure you are protected against threats like spam and viruses.

There is also a robust webmail service available so you can login and check your emails from any browser, anytime using your email address and password. Importantly, using the incoming and outgoing mail server settings you can use any email browser (like MacMail, Outlook, Gmail or Office365) to view your emails locally via POP or IMAP for multi-device management.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the highest converting digital strategies available today, so taking control of this powerful direct advertising medium helps build your brand, keep it top-of-mind and provide continual lead generation from your customer database. Easily keep customers informed about upcoming events or promotions, educate them on new product lines or provide a ‘tip of the week’, ‘special deal’, ‘how-to’, ‘customer review’ or ‘case study’.

We can also setup ongoing loyalty-campaigns (based on a birthday, service date or a form submission) to encourage customers to re-visit your site by providing them with a special offer, date reminder or to request a review. The best part is that you can send your Email Marketing campaign content to us and we can format the text and imagery, provide you a draft and then send the email blast at the time you choose so you can spend more time working on your business instead of in it.

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