Responsive Web Design

Mobile device traffic and online sales are now higher than on desktop computers across most industries.

It is proven that a great mobile friendly experience increases the likelihood that customers will return to your website to purchase using their smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Because of this, Google search results favour Responsive web designs and they determine your page rank in search results based on the mobile-friendly site format in the attempt to provide the best user experience for visitors using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Just because your customers view your site on their smart phone or tablet doesn't mean they are in a rush and don't want to 'read' your content. A Responsive design ensures that whether your customers view your mobile friendly website on their desktop computer or smart device, they get the same great user experience and professional branding with pages shared across all devices. In addition to this, when marketing your Responsive web design, you can focus on optimising one single URL, making it easier to share, interact with and link to your content through Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation or Google Ads. This can be a huge cost saver and boost productivity as you are only dealing with one Responsive website compared with having separate mobile or smart phone websites.

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