Google Search Ads

Highly customised and targeted campaigns, delivered to your target market on-demand.

Before setting up Google Search Ads we recommend completing a Keyword Research and Selection analysis to pinpoint the best Keywords and Phrases to use in your Ad campaign. Keyword Research will not only give you the average cost-per-click for phrases you are considering it also provides recommendations for similar phrases, helps us map how expensive phrases are and identify under-performing keywords that aren’t as relevant to your business. This allows you to build a more cost-effective strategy for your Google Ad campaigns and ensures you have considered all the variations of keyword phrases used by your potential customers. It can also be used to create a negative keyword list of phrases and keyword variations that you don’t want your ads to show for, again to increase relevancy and keep your Google Search Ads in front of the customers you are targeting.

Once the keyword targeting is completed, we plan your campaign setup, build out ad groups and write a series of Search Ads that can be split tested and trialed so your marketing message can be continually refined and perfected. We also integrate site links, callouts, pricing, promotions, structured snippets, your Google Maps address and phone number into your Google Search ads to take up more architecture, increase ad click-through-rates and direct customers to specific areas within your site.

Google Analytics is used to measure conversions like form submissions or purchases plus track how many customers click on your phone number or email address to accurately measure your Google Search Ad success. We can also measure how long your Google Search Ads are showing each day, how often you run out of budget, the best converting days and what times of the day you get the most sales enquiries, making your Ads highly customised and targeted when demand is high for your product or service.

We recommend monthly reporting to ensure your campaigns are regularly audited, monitored and optimised. As part of the reporting we evaluate keyword performance, ad click through rates and conversions and make recommendations on landing page improvements and campaign adjustments to help get the most out of your Google Search Ad spend.

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