Social Media Marketing

Connect and engage with your customers, tell your story and build a community by showcasing your products and services with interactive content, controlled branding and excellent customer service while customers interact and learn about your brand.

open graph

Open Graph

Control how your website pages are viewed when shared on Social Media platforms to maximise your outreach potential, click-through rates and conversions.

Control Posts
social media posts

Social Media Posts

Have regular Social Media Posts written and posted to build a thriving community and engage your customers with product info, faq's, specials and articles of interest.

Tell your Story
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Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads target audiences based on demographics, location and interests to share your business story with, increase brand awareness and generate sales.

Build a Community

Open Graph

Sharing on Social Media is one of the most powerful ways to spread your content, branding and message. Taking control of how your website pages are shared (either by you or your customers) and the content within these posts is one of the best ways to influence the performance of these posts and improve the engagement of potential customers back to your website.

It is vital that every page of your site has its own unique, custom written Open Graph with a title and description about your page content, optimised image, canonical url, indication of the type of content that is being shared, language, and additional audio and video files where relevant. These simple optimisation tricks can help your brand stand out with consistent advertising, higher click-through rates which will ultimately help capture a larger audience.

Install Open Graph to control your shared content

Social Media Posts

Our regular Social Media posting can be fully customised to your online business needs with a regularity that will keep your customers interested in your business, your brand top of mind and a consistent flow of visitors coming to your website.

Content for your posts can be created from scratch or generated from information already available on your website. The sharing of blog articles, special offers, product information and upcoming events are great ways to educate and entice new visitors.

Using Google Analytics, we are able to provide insights into exactly what posts had the highest engagement, what the bounce rate was, how many pages were viewed, the length of their stay and if they converted so we can pinpoint the most valuable content.

Have regular Social Media Posts written to tell your story

Social Media Ads

social media ads

Using Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram we are able to broadcast your business to potential customers and can advertise and generate traffic to your Business Profile page, Event, App or Website. Social Media Ads are designed to influence consideration, build awareness, get leads and drive sales with the ability to change your strategy, adjust your budget, pause ads or create additional campaigns on-the-fly.

Social Media Ads can include text, images, video, slideshows, carousels or an instant experience when someone interacts with your ad. Ads are highly customizable and can be targeted to customers’ profile information and content they have liked and shared in the past. We can choose audience location, age, gender, precise interests, audience connections and broad categories like family status, activities they enjoy, education, workplace and even the music they like, to help you connect with and get in front of your ideal customers.

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