Keyword Ranking

A Keyword Ranking Report is based on selected keywords and phrases from your website which can also include location names, tested against Google and Bing.

When run regularly, a Keyword Ranking Report will document increases and decreases in your rankings over time, the page on your site that is ranking for each keyword phrase along with your best position, the amount of competition, estimated search volume and the average cost per click for each phrase in paid Search.

Keyword Ranking reports can be supplied in PDF or Excel formats and can be run daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or on demand. We can even track your competitor’s rankings for targeted keywords compared to yours over time, giving you powerful insights into your industry or niche market.

We also have the ability to provide accurate local rankings on a city level including documenting your local maps results, local results for mobile searches and YouTube results, giving us the data to identify your best performing ‘local’ content.

Google Analytics and Search Console can also be integrated into your reports, providing search volumes of each keyword plus the impressions and clicks you are actually receiving for each Keyword Ranking. This provides more detailed information on which phrases are driving traffic to your site and which keywords are really working for you.

Order a Keyword Ranking Report and start measuring your SEO improvements now.