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Our SEO Services are designed to boost your website rankings, attract and convert more qualified customers and improve overall user experience. Whether it’s a brand-new website that needs a strategy, a site that is under-performing or a recent upgrade that has seen your rankings plummet, we have the experience and analytical expertise to optimise your site.

seo audit


An SEO audit manually evaluates your search rankings, provides a personalised diagnosis and supplies a detailed report and checklist so you know exactly what needs to be fixed.

What is Audited?
keyword research


With keyword research, you will better understand how customers search for you, the words they use to find your business, their search intent and seasonality.

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google analytics


Google Analytics is an invaluable resource for business owners to closely monitor traffic acquisition, customer behaviour and conversions within their online business.

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SEO Consulting

With over 20 years in the advertising and online marketing industry specialising in search engine optimisation strategies, our SEO consultants have extensive knowledge in online marketing and utilise the latest tools and technologies available, working directly with business owners and managers, in conjunction with other advertising agencies or as external SEO consultants for marketing departments.

We provide practical advice, recommendations and achievable action plans to optimise and improve your online conversions. We can also take care of the SEO implementation plus track, measure and improve the results to help you reach your business goals sooner.

Our SEO consulting services can be accessed over the phone, in person or via online video conferencing, Skype or Google Hangouts, so book a consultation to start building your marketing strategy and capitalise on our trusted experience.

Cost effective expert advice on the best SEO strategy for your website.

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SEO Audit

seo audit

Are customers finding your website in Google search results?
Is your website setup to rank well and attract customers?
Are you utilising the best keywords to attract the right type of customers?
Are you missing out on traffic going to your competitors’ website?

If you are concerned about your website rankings, our SEO audit will manually evaluate your search engine listings, provide a personalised diagnosis and supply a detailed report and checklist so you know exactly what needs to be fixed.

As part of the SEO audit we analyse your Google search console implementation, Google Map listing and Google Analytics account so we have a detailed view of how your website is performing. The SEO audit can be supplied to your web developer to rectify, or we can provide a quote to implement the SEO recommendations for you.

SEO Audit Topics

SEO Training

Our SEO training and consulting can be fully customised to your online business needs and used in conjunction with our SEO audit so you can learn how to implement recommendations and start the upgrade process page-by-page.

The first step is to ensure you know ‘how’ and 'why' SEO updates will enhance your website visibility and then we can guide you on exactly how to implement these improvements so you have complete control of your online presence.

We provide how-to documents and template search snippets, page structure and product descriptions so that your staff can easily make updates in future. HTML experience is not necessary and we can focus on any areas you need help with.

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Keyword Research

Do you know how many Google searches are made each month locally, nationally or globally for your brand, products or services?

By running a full set of keyword research, we can mine information from the Google database and extract data on exactly what keywords and phrases your potential customers use to find you online, how many people use each phrase, how much competition there is and how much it would cost to target certain keywords in Google Ads.

On completion of the keyword research we then recommend going through the important selection process to locate the best keywords and phrases to use in your page content. By identifying the most valuable keywords and phrases that are 100% relevant to your business we can build a ‘keyword targeting strategy’ for your website and online marketing efforts.

How to Use Keyword Research
keyword research

Keyword Ranking

What are the true Google rankings for your website? It’s not the results you see in your browser because you’ve likely clicked on your site multiple times so Google knows you like those pages and shows your site at the top of your search listings. What a potential customer sees when they are searching could be completely different and this is why you often see different search results when searching on other devices or browsers, or when you are logged-in compared to not-logged-in to Google.

The best way to obtain your true keyword rankings that are not based on your personal search history is to run a keyword ranking report that mines the results straight from the search engine API database. A keyword ranking report gives you detailed insight into how your website is really performing and helps measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts to date. Then as SEO improvements are made you can track and measure the results of your improved and optimised online marketing efforts.

What information does a Keyword Rankings provide?



Website metadata is the key to enticing potential customers to click through from Google search results to your website. The metadata search snippet is designed to be a summary of the content within a site page and is the title, description text and url that is displayed in search engine results.

It is vital that every page of your site has its own unique, custom written metadata search snippet that includes the Keyword Phrase you are targeting for that page plus a call to action, product specifications, service area or delivery details and should be consistently branded like a small advertisement for your business. In fact, you should spend as much time writing these as you would be setting up a Google Ads campaign to ensure you are pulling as many visitors to your site from organic search results as possible. After all organic traffic to your website is FREE!

Customising Metadata

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are a micro format code that can be added to content on your website and allows Google to understand exactly what that content is and pull it into your search results snippet. This makes better use of your search results snippet and gives it a higher click-through rate, which means more successful traffic generation and higher rankings.

Structured data can be added to all your local business details, articles, faqs, events, movies, products, restaurants, software applications, TV episodes or book reviews and can be added dynamically for use in Google search results or hard coded for Facebook social media marketing.

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On Page SEO

One of the most important considerations in your online marketing activities is your on-page SEO (search engine optimisation). It is the way to ensure your website is technically sound, search engine friendly and keyword rich to leverage the best rankings and landing page quality scores for your online business.

There are over 200 indicators that search engines use to analyse you're website before ranking it. On page SEO factors, such as metadata, title tags, sitemaps, the use of keywords and spider-friendly navigation plus off-site factors like Social Media, popularity, backlinks and directory listings can also improve organic rankings.

Based on an initial SEO audit we produce an improvement plan to upgrade your on page optimisation starting with the top quick-wins to boost your visibility fast. Site updates are then implemented step-by-step, choosing the best options for keyword targeting, indexability and content relevancy.

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Content Marketing

'Content is King' and having a website-first mentality is an important first step to building a strong online brand and will go a long way towards a site’s authority and longevity in search results. Compelling sales copy, industry news, how-to’s, manual downloads, a help and support centre, updated social media accounts and regular email marketing campaigns are all fantastic content marketing strategies, that will help increase customer satisfaction and generate return business to your website.

We can work with you to initiate creative communication practises and a strong online presence to better nurture your customer’s requirements, grow and retain your customer base to benefit from repeat business and sales. A well-designed content marketing campaign can also lead to more consistent branding across all your marketing efforts and help position your business as a market leader and innovator within your industry.

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Local SEO

local seo

An integral part of your location marketing strategy should be local SEO. This ensures that when a local search or location-based search is made on search engines or apps, your business features on a map. That way customers can see that your business is located close to them or services that area, and they can even get directions.

Our local SEO service will get your Business ranking for location searches in Google Maps, Bing Maps and Apple Maps and provide an enhanced first page listing for your business. Your listings can be setup as a local business with a storefront, at multiple locations, as a business that travels or delivers to a customers location or as a purely online business.

Your map listings can include vital details about your business location with contact details, trading hours, pricing, offers and reviews.

Importance of Maps


Having backlinks on competitor, industry experts, directories and affiliate websites is a great way to increase your site authority, popularity and tap into customers across multiple sales pipelines. Backlinks to your site first and foremost need to be relevant and give meaning to the viewer so it gives potential users the motivation to visit your site to find out more about your business offering.

Creating great content with backlinks is also a fantastic way to get your site seen and build a following from channels like News Blogs, Podcasts, RSS Feeds, LinkedIn Profiles, Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. Unique content also encourages followers to engage, share and re-share your content with these backlinks which leads to greater traffic and more qualified customers. It also helps diversify where your traffic is coming from and helps your business spread into the online community with quality content that will inform, entertain and educate viewers about your business.

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UI Testing

To increase conversion, refine goals, optimise call to actions, escalate form completions and improve traffic flow we recommend performing User Interface (UI) Testing on site pages to get real world feedback on potential site updates before taking them live 100% of the time.

We have options available like A/B testing to randomise website traffic through two variants of a page or two different landing pages, plus multivariate testing where we can test multiple versions of a page layout at the same time and investigate the results.

Our UI testing utilises experience analytics to discover insights into user needs and behaviour using heatmaps, path identification, behavioural patterns and psychological analytics. With this data, we can identify how your users interact with your content so we can optimise site pages to create a more successful user experience and long-term customers.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry standard in website tracking and measurement and is designed to show how customers interact with your website, what devices they use, how they got to your site and how your marketing campaigns are performing.

All of the new websites we build on Treepl CMS have Google Analytics installed with key metrics fed into your online admin dashboard so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your online business or view your analytics dashboard for a full rundown.

We can also setup analytics dashboards which can be delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly with custom metrics on conversions, goals, events, referral data, customer geography, devices, page popularity and social traffic to your site.

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