2 Step Verification for Google Ads & Treepl CMS

2 Step Verification for Google Ads & Treepl CMS

You may have noticed that more companies are using the 2 Step Verification method when logging in to your online accounts. This improves password security and makes your online accounts less vulnerable to hackers.

Passwords are not as secure as you may think, by adding 2 Step Verification (2SV) or 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) it makes your accounts significantly more secure.

Enabling 2 Step Verification or Authentication is an easy way to protect your accounts from hackers accessing your password by sending a code to your smartphone when logging into an account or requesting you to complete a secondary security question or code. By adding this to the login process it makes it much harder for hackers to access your personal information as they need both your password and phone or extra account information to be able to access your account.

Google recommends 2 Step Verification on all Google Ad accounts to avoid your account being hacked and the ad budget being re-appropriated by hackers to spend on their own campaigns. If your account does get hacked, your Ads account will be suspended and you will have to apply for a manual review of your account by Google before you are able to run online advertising again. Setup 2 Step Verification on your Google account now and keep your business data protected - https://safety.google/authentication/

As an extra layer of security, you can also restrict email domains that your users can use to access your Google Ads account and only users with admin access can add allowed email domains to accounts. We recommend both of these security options are enabled on every Google Ads account.

Treepl CMS also have 2 Factor Authentication available for your administrator logins where you are shown a code field and QR code after successful login to enter before access to the CMS is allowed, which helps keep your business and client data even safer.

For more information on increasing your account security for you Google Ads or Treepl CMS give us a call on 02 4975 3954.