GA Universal Updating to GA4 July 1, 2023

GA Universal Updating to GA4 July 1, 2023

On July 1, 2023 Google Universal Analytics (GA) software is being retired and replaced with the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This means that all Universal Analytics will stop processing your website data at that time and any regular Analytics Dashboards that you receive by email either weekly or monthly will also cease.

To ensure seamless tracking of your website, it is vital to upgrade your account to GA4 as soon as possible so you have some overlapping time as no historical GA data will be available on the new GA4 software.

The new GA4 offers more advanced tracking and analysis capabilities. It has a robust tracking system with features like cross-device tracking, event tracking, and improved data modelling, that can provide more accurate insights into your website's traffic and user behaviour. Additionally, GA4 offers better integrations with other Google marketing tools such as Google Ads.

As part of the GA4 upgrade we can setup the new tracking code, import your current conversions, setup phone call and email tracking, create PDF download and outbound link reports, enable Google Signals, extend data retention, setup website search analytics, link your Search Console account and test to ensure your analytics is seeing the site. Once the new analytics is live and collecting data, we can also re-create your Analytics Dashboard and schedule these to be emailed to your weekly or monthly. If you have Google Ads running, we can also connect GA4 to your account.

We highly recommend transitioning to GA4 to take advantage of the new advanced tracking opportunities and continue to receive vital statistics about traffic flow, visibility and customer behaviour. For more information on the next generation of Analytics visit,12153943,2986333,&visit_id=638148727797648987-2683357802&rd=1 or contact our team for further support or to schedule your Analytics migration.