Google Ads Data Driven Attribution Update

Google Ads Data Driven Attribution Update

Google are updating conversion actions for some Google Ads campaigns to a data-driven attribution model to optimise your ads performance.

Normally when people interact with your ads before making a purchase on your website or completing other valuable actions, all credit for the conversion is given to the last ad customers interacted with.

In comparison to the last click model, data-driven attribution is a machine-learning model that attributes credit for conversions based on how people search for your business and interact with your ads. This model may benefit your marketing performance because it looks at the entire journey that leads a user to converting and allocates credit to each step within that journey.

With data-driven, when you're evaluating your ad conversion data you will be able to see which ads have the greatest effect on your business goals. If you are using an automated bid strategy to drive more conversions, your bidding will use this important information to help you get more conversions by better understanding how these ads have affected your traffic, sales and conversions at each touch-point of the sales process from beginning to end.

If you meet their new conversion data requirements, Google will automatically switch your account over to the data-driven attribution model. If you would prefer to opt-out of these changes you will need to sign-in into you Google account and select the ‘cancel the auto-switch’ function or contact us to complete this for you.

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