Setting up Email 'Vacation' Replies/Auto Responder in Webmail

Setting up Email 'Vacation' Replies/Auto Responder in Webmail

You can set up an auto-reply (auto-responder) for your mailbox, so that anytime someone writes to you, they'll receive a message immediately. This is helpful when you'll be out of the office and are unable to respond to email inquiries for a duration of time. To set up an auto-responder, follow these steps:

1. Login to your webmail program located at

2.  In the Settings wind, click Autoresponder.

3. Click the Enabled check box. A check mark appears to indicate auto responder is enabled.

4. In the Interval field, enter the number of days before the same recipient will receive the auto-response message again. If not specified, the interval defaults to one day.

5. Click in the End Date field, and select the date when you want to stop the autoresponce message from being sent.

6. Click Save

To disable autorespoder

1. In the Settings window, click Autoresponder, and then remove the checkmark from the Enabled checkbox.

2. Click Save