How to Use Dropbox to Share Files

How to Use Dropbox to Share Files

Dropbox gives you access to your files across multiple devices and gives complete control over who you share your content with. Dropbox is easy to use and setup and allows you to share and sync your content securely across 256-bit encryption without the hassles of bouncebacks from over-sized email attachments.

If you've received an invitation to a shared folder (synced), you will need to have a Dropbox account to download files and upload to the folder. This will allow anyone with access to the shared folder to collaborate on files and get access to the folder contents quickly with all folder contents synced across all the users that access it.

If you’ve received an invitation to a shared file (not synced) you don’t need a Dropbox account to download the file and view a version on your computer.

If the invitation you receive is addressed to the wrong email address (not the one you currently have setup with Dropbox), simply sign in with your existing account and you will be able to view and access the files.

To setup Dropbox go to All new Dropbox accounts and downloads, including the desktop and mobile apps, are totally free with a 2GB initial limit to get you started. If you ever run out of space, you can always upgrade your account with a monthly or yearly subscription to a Dropbox Pro 100 GB, 200 GB, or 500 GB plan.